the facts

title: casino jack
world premiere: september 16, 2010 (toronto international film festival)
director: george hickenlooper
producers: dana brunetti, patricia eberle, gary howsam, bill marks, warren nimchuk, angelo paletta, richard rionda del castro, domenic serafino, lewin webb, george zakk, donald zuckerman
stars: kevin spacey, ruth marshall, graham greene
studio: an olive bransch productions / bagman / hannibal pictures / mcg / rollercoaster entertinament / trigger street production / vortex words pictures / ato pictures
genre: comedy / crime / drama

synopsis: a hot shot washington dc lobbyist and his protégé go down hard as their schemes to peddle influence lead to corruption and murder.


”everything about this film; from the script /…/ to the music, by jonathan goldsmith /…/ is perfect.” | huffington post

”a snappy original score by jonathan goldsmith…” | allmovie

”recalls the buoyancy of burt bacharach’s music for butch cassidy and the sundance kid.” | screenpicks



selections from
casino jack (2010)

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soundtrack album

label: relativity media soundtracks
release date: december 10, 2010
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