the facts

title: forsaken
world premiere: september 16, 2015 (toronto international film festival)
director: jon cassar
producers: kevin dewalt, gary howsam, bill marks, josh miller, isabella marchese ragona
stars: kiefer sutherland, donald sutherland, brian cox
studio: minds eye entertainment / panacea entertainment / moving pictures media / rollercoaster films / vortex words pictures / momentum pictures
genre: action / drama / western

synopsis: an embittered gunslinger attempts to make amends with his estranged father whilst their community is besieged by ruthless land-grabbers.


”the movie might be a western, but the score is very emotional and i think it’s the father and son relationship that plays a big part and just listening to this music makes me want to see this film. i get goosebumps already and very emotional…” | soundtrack geek

”poignant score…” | film journal international

”the score by jonathan goldsmith does its job nicely without being extravagant, giving the film the final bit it needs to satisfy fans of a film genre that has been criminally underexamined until recently.” | 411 mania

“jonathan goldsmith’s classical score immediately throws you into that genre and the sense of cinema that comes with it.” | flickering myth

“along with jonathan goldsmith’s score cassar’s low-key western captures the essence of the classics including Shane (1953).” | breathing dead blog



selections from
forsaken (2015)

grave, field and town
what i know how to do
the clearing

soundtrack album

label: metropolis movie music
release date: march 25, 2016
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