the facts

title: such a long journey
world premiere: september 13, 1998 (toronto international film festival)
director: sturla gunnarsson
producers: simon maccorkindale, paul stephens
stars: roshan seth, soni razdan, om puri
studio: the film works
genre: drama

awards: genie award nomination for best music score

synopsis: gustad noble asks a pavement artist to move near his building to draw pictures of religious gods and goddesses depicting the four main religions: hinduism, islam, christianity, and sikhism. soon the place is transformed into a huge temple where people of all religions come to pay their respects. but only a handful of people know that gustad is involved with a rebel agent.


”light years away from anything else you’ll have listened to in film music in many years.” | film music on the web



selections from
such a long journey (1998)

confession and absolution
prelude / opening
the slap

soundtrack album

label: unforscene music
release date: june 12, 1999
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