the facts

title: take this waltz
world premiere: september 10, 2011 (toronto international film festival)
director: sarah polley
producers: susan cavan, sarah polley
stars: michelle williams, seth rogen, luke kurby
studio: joe’s daughter / magnolia
genre: comedy / drama

synopsis: a happily married woman falls for the artist who lives across the street.


”moody harmonies by composer jonathan goldsmith help convey the stifling atmosphere…” | paste

”this movie burrowed deep under my skin, and the contributions from cinematographer luc montpellier and composer jonathan goldsmith and editor christopher donaldson are all impressive, supporting this singular vision.” | uproxx

”the onscreen drama is paired with a wonderful score by jonathan goldsmith, who utilizes lots of atypical instrumentation – quiet tones and chimes.” |



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take this waltz (2011)

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label: moviescore media
release date: march 5, 2013
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